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Is the Gay Gene dead?

Yesterday Science magazine ran an article about the latest research looking for a genetic cause for homosexuality ( Of course the BBC and others have grabbed hold of the research to claim it shows 25% people have a genetic code that contributes to their homosexuality (, though one site is brave enough to declare "There is no "gay gene" ( But is the science this simple?

The answer is no. If we look at the wording the UK Genome database does not distinguish between those who identify as homosexual and those who engaged in sex with someone of the same sex. As this study from Psychology Today shows a growing number of men who identify as straight engage in sexual activity with other men this means we cannot presume that those who say yes to having sex with someone of the same sex are gay, yet this study does just that.

There is the bigger issue of an ongoing study from the USA looking at the genetic code of identical twins where one or both identify as homosexual ( This claimed to have found a number of areas of genetic code which contributed to the development of homosexuality. Under closer examination not only did people not actually know what the exact pieces of codes were, but some of those who identified as homosexual had none of the areas of code while some of those who identified as straight did. It should be noted that, in the newest study, there is no mention whether people who have not had sex with someone of the same sex had any of these areas of code. There is also no statement to say that these people do not have the genetic code markers. This raises a serious amount of ambiguity as to the results. Of course pro-gay groups like GLAAD will ignore these issues to support their cause - but the science is not as clear cut as they would like to claim. Even the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Special Interest Group of the UK's Royal College of Psychiatrists, the LGBT+ caucus in both the American Psychological and Psychiatric Associations and the World Health Organization admit this. The more the scientific causes are considered the more holes appear. Is they gay gene argument dead? By now it should be, but GLAAD, Stonewall and others refuse to let it rest in peace.

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